Argumentative Essay: The Common Core State Standards Initiative

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The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational crusade in the United States that fine points what kindergarteners through senior high school students need to comprehend in English and math, by the end of each grade. This initiative was meant to satisfy the parent’s need that their child is receiving the same level of education as in other states, however it is failing to do so. In 2010, California adopted the Common Core State Standards and chose to align with one of the two multi-state testing associations funded by the government, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which produces a testing method called SBAC. During spring of 2015, several million students took the SBAC, and, as envisioned, a majority of students failed, or in other words were categorized below proficient. Schools are all about …show more content…
It is necessary to reverse these common core standards, and get this initiative repealed. I have seen first-hand how children can go from getting above average grades in math, to subpar. My son used to enjoy school, now he thinks high school is a waste of time and doesn’t appreciate the style in which he is being taught. If a person can find the right answer quickly, why should they be forced to use a more complicated approach? Proponents of this initiative feel it gets students ready for college and jobs, however, companies desire efficient workers, and, if an employee has a means to get the assignment completed faster with