Argumentative Essay: The Consequences Of Gun Control

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Society can choose whether or not to believe rumors, stories, or even science. Though history itself is permanent and unable to be altered. This solidity allows society the chance to grow, avoiding the mistakes of the past in order to thrive in a more fruitful future. Though mistakenly we only attempt to glorify the times of joy rather than spend the time to reflect on the moments of despair.
As with every mistake, consequences arise. One of these mistakes is increasing gun control, which has demonstrated to lead to more gun related deaths. Throughout history and surprisingly even today, gun violence and firearm related incidents have led to countless number of deaths that range from single murders to large-scale mass shootings as a result of criminals preying on the defenseless. Despite differing opinions on the highly disputed concept of gun control, when thinking back on the incidents that occurred in Aurora Colorado, Virginia tech, and Sandy Hook, we are disgusted at the carnage that took
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Though a more specific and accurate question would be how to destroy people’s inner demons and the feelings of irrationality and senselessness. To do so, not only must background checks be implemented, we must also incorporate strict mental health treatments in order to ensure gun owners are both mentally healthy and law-abiding.
To take away guns from citizens trying to defend themselves is similar to a tiger hunting a gazelle. Conservative political commentator Bill Whittle urges society to imagine a simple “predator prey situation”. No one would deny the gazelle its ability to use its hooves and antlers to defend itself. Though some people would deny that same idea of self-defense to human beings. Pro gun control activists mistakenly believe that the best system to prevent the predator from killing is to trim off the hooves and remove the antlers, which is completely