Argumentative Essay: The Dangers Of Football

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Football is one of the most amazing things America itself has to offer, especially when it comes to the superbowl. As we all know football can be a dangerous sport, but so is any other sport. America brings itself together by many things such as religion, politics, and others but one thing that sticks out is football. Football could be less dangerous if they had extra padding in helmets and more around the ribs. In all, if football were to be banned, people would go crazy and riot.
Football is a dangerous sport, but we do dangerous things everyday that people do not even realize. When kids or adults receive injuries playing football it seems to be a much bigger deal than it would be in any other sport. “3.8 fatalities a year directly attributed to football, fewer than weight
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Each player puts themselves at risk whenever they step out onto the field, especially if they know they are concussed or have any other injury. “But as a growing body of research linked head injuries to cognitive issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression” (Jeltsen 2). All of these mental disorders football players receive are caused by multiple concussions. People also blame football for racism, violence, and sexual orientation. “ Reinforces a lot of basic American pathologies around race, violence, greed, sexuality, sexual orientation, and we give it a free pass” (Jeltsen 3). All of these can happen for many other reasons like where you grow up, who you grow up around, and what you do with those people.
Without football, kids and adults in later generations would not know the exciting feeling of the super bowl sunday and arguing with random people about who likes the better team. This sport gives kids so many ways to make friends, improve fitness, learn teamwork skills, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Football is a great sport and if any child has the chance to play it, they