Argumentative Essay: The Ethics Of Organ Donation

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Organ donation is a very common in today's society, we can use almost every part of the human body in an organ transplant. You have to have written in a legal document stating if you are a organ donor or not for a organ to be removed or used. You can give organs as a living or deceased individual, some people have different outlooks on this particular topic regarding if it is ethically or morally right. Ethically you have to think about respect for persons, utility, and justice. Morally people may see this as a disrespect to the human body or a disrespect to the person as a whole but everyone has different opinions about it. Morally it is not right to rip out a dead person's heart to give to another person, but it happens. Think about this if you were in a grocery store shooting and the gunman shot you and killed you and you are a organ donor and he gets …show more content…
Well that is the doctor's decision and the health and factors of the patient take a part in that too. Doctors look at it like this, I have a patient and my job is to take care of them and to do no harm. So they see it as they have to do what is best for the patient and to keep them alive. Some people see that as a bad thing because once again, the gunman, he/she shot and killed over 5 people that day and he gets to live because that is the doctor's job. Yes the police will be involved after the fact but as of right now the get all the medical attention he needs until he is healthy again. I see this on the nurse/doctor side, yes you have to do all good for the patient but then again a murderer is getting to live. You have to look a both side and all laws about legal and ethical medical practice, it may not be morally right or ethically right but a law is a law and you have to do what you have to