Argumentative Essay: The Issue Of Gender Transgentral Bathroom

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Along with all the issues about LGBT debates, comes the issue of transgender bathrooms. The debate is set around whether people should be allowed the right to go into the bathroom set to the gender they go by, or even by just making a gender neutral bathroom is public places. Lately this debate has been at a high. The debate over the bathrooms in America is major political battleground (Lopez). This debate isn't just a newly discovered concern for the LGBT people. For years there have been arguments over whether it's right for a person who is transgender to use the bathroom of their changed gender or the gender they were born with. Many people believe this will be a major problem. Which is due to the fact of people claiming that, “letting trans people use the bathroom or locker room could allow men to disguise as trans women and go in the women's bathrooms and sexually assault and harass women” (Lopez). …show more content…
Even to make it simple use the gender neutral bathroom for those who are transgender. Then comes the part of how people view transgender people in general. “Most anti- trans religious reasoning falls along these lines: God created us male or female, and we must remain locked into one side of that binary from birth through death” (Stern). People see it as immoral and that people shouldn't need to change. However, on the other hand people don't like the way they are and feel they need to change and sometimes that is okay. People can't always expect someone to be perfect or like the way they are. Change isn't always