Argumentative Essay: The Odyssey

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Yesenia Perez Period 4 12/04/17 The Odyssey Argumentative Essay The Odyssey is a novel by Homer. It is about a Greek king’s journey on his way home from a long war. His son, Telemakhos, is born right as the war starts so he has to leave him and his wife Penelope, until he can return to Ithaka, his home and kingdom. The war lasts 10 long years, but on his way home he finds some very hard obstacles that make it 20 years until he can finally return home to his wife and child. The theme of the Odyssey is that loyalty is important to family and friends. To begin with, loyalty is demonstrated by Penelope rejecting the suitors in every way possible that she can. For example, when the suitors tell her to weave the burial shawl she takes her time in weaving it. Penelope was supposed to weave a burial shawl for Odysseus and when she was done with it, she was supposed to make a decision and marry a suitor of her choice. She takes three years to weave it and one day a maid catches her unweaving it every night. The suitors find out that she was unweaving the shawl and get really furious at her. “Three long years they have played master in your house..And she? Forever.. Missing your return, she has …show more content…
She is always there for him and giving him advice and help. However, one of the most important acts of loyalty from her is when she dresses up Odysseus as a beggar. Athena dresses up Odysseus as a beggar for his safety when he is finally back in Ithaka. While Odysseus is dressed up like that he finds his way into the castle and he can learn more about the suitors. Discovering all the information from the suitors, he decides to challenge them all and in the end Odysseus still ends up killing all the suitors. “Now for a while I shall transform you, not a soul will know you… your body dressed in sacking that a man would gag to see you…” (Homer page