Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Gun Violence In America

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It is really cultural in America to have guns individually, and it is known that half of male in the U.S. possess guns in their homes. Possessing guns may help to advance public peace and may be suitable for freedom of the country, but majority of people, including American, think that it is a serious problem. According to a 2011 Gallup poll, 47 percent of American adults keep at least one gun at home or on their property. And, according to the same poll, only 26 percent of Americans support a ban on handguns. To that 26 percent, American gun culture can seem utterly inexplicable, its very existence dispiriting. (Goldberg, 1)
Over the long human history, a variety of guns have been used for a variety of purposes. Basically, guns are dangerous. There are a lot of accidents caused by mistakes or carelessness. A lot of children’s lives are taken because guns were not placed in safe area.
Also, there are a lot of people shoot during the fight or argument when they lose their mind. The frequency of gun accidents is high that we let many children die every year due to accidental gunshots; therefore, the government should strictly regulate the possession of guns for safety.
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These laws are helpful and can be strengthened. Yet many dangerous people cannot be identified before they injure or kill others. (Harold, 1). Influenced by the trend of public opinions, a bill has been introduced in Congress that includes stricter regulation in terms of gun registration, but the NRA (National Rifle Association) has blocked the passage of this bill through its powerful lobby. We have to prevent damage of human life by arms in advance. If we regulate gun possession and enact a law, we can protect precious lives as well as prevent accidents in