Argumentative Essay: The Use Of Racial Profiling In America

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Racial profiling has been a part of American everyday society since Americans brought slaves from Africa. The slaves brought were deemed dumb savages that could only be tamed by the crack of a whip and the fear of being hanged. This type of negative racial profiling still occurs today with even more minorities and the occasional white majority. It has become custom to be put in a box for the color of your skin. Black men aren’t good fathers while black woman are crazy and bossy. A beautiful Mexican girl is immediately thought to be promiscuous by nature while the Mexican man has jokes made about him that regard lawn work and raising 7 kids. Caucasian people are too soft on their kids, are into weird and taboo things, have kids that don’t respect …show more content…
Profiling can be used for good but it can easily be used for bad. There are plenty of times when unjust racial profiling had horrific results. A timeline of unarmed black people being killed over the past year can be found on under the news tab. The media started searching out these atrocities after the killing Trayvon Martin, a black teen that was walking home in a black hoodie with a can of tea and skittles in his hand. Although he wasn’t a cop the killer, George Zimmerman, was in a position of authority as a neighborhood watch volunteer at that time. The first Black man killed by a police officer was Dontre Hamilton, who was killed in April of 2014 because of allegations of disturbing the peace. Before Buzz Feed writes what happens they preface the story by saying Dontre was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. “The Officers who arrived first determined that Hamilton wasn’t doing anything illegal.” wrote Buzz feed, they go on to say that “officer Christopher Manney showed up later and, after trying to pat Hamilton down, engaged in a struggle with him that led to the shooting.” If we break down this event, part by part, we can start to see the negative side of profiling come