Argumentative Essay: What Should Be Done Over Gun Ownership?

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Argumentative Essay

What should be done about Gun Laws? By: Rene Diaz

For some time now there has been a dispute on whether gun ownership should be changed to “No Gun Ownership” at all or to “Allow people to own Guns”. My own opinion on the matter is to go as far as to not allow gun ownership. My reasons are as is the fact that multiple school specific shootings have taken place in the last 20 years. My second reason is that even if some gun owners are very responsible, it doesn’t make up for all the insecurity and childish behavior that the rest of the gun owners show when wielding one. In which this is why I feel as though gun owners should be stripped of the privilege to “Bear Arms”. With all the states allowing “Concealed Carry” gun owners can now walk around the streets with lethal weapons on their side. With this law enacted crime rate has increased. A study from the “Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology” observed 5 urban cities. With their research they concluded that gun homicide rates have increased “on average” by 4.5 per 100,000 persons following the enactment of the “shall-issue” laws. A peer reviewed study in “Econ Journal Watch found that the shall-issue laws increased the numbers of aggravated assaults between 1977 and 2006. Gun owners although some of them have the training to wield, aim, and fire a gun. Most of them don’t have any training for a gun. So then there’s the fact and reason on why don’t we leave the weapons to professionally qualified police officers? In the states Georgia and Maryland there is no training required to wield a weapon. With this someone could possibly end up harming another in an accidental incident. As while in states that do require training, such as Wisconsin but they don’t have a minimum training time requirement. Still leaving us with the question on why don’t we leave weapons with trained professionals. While these are all true and basic facts on the matter, our ability or privilege to wield a firearm could stop a possible school shooting spree. Such as the tragic Columbine High School Massacre. So then why don’t we use this privilege and take