Argumentative Essay: Who Is An American?

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Who Is an American?
There are many U.S. citizens, but it should mean more to being an American. According to Maria Hinojosa's NPR Latino USA story, "Who Is an American,?" with the help of Latino USA. "Guam's Wounded Warriors," and “George Takei: An Enemy In My Own Country,” she is able to acknowledges on who should be considered an American. Also Huffington Post articles such as “Deported U.S. Veterans Want To Return Home, Many Find Safe Haven Near Mexican Border” and “Trump’s War on ‘Anchor Babies’ Ignores the Law”help to uncover what it means to be an American. There are some people believe that being born in the U.S, serving in the U.S. military make one an American automatically but Japanese Americans were interned and had their citizenship removed even when they were born and raised in America.
The U.S. military risks their lives for the U.S. but not all of them are gaining citizenship, some are
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citizenship. According to Maria Hinojosa’s Latino USA. story “George Takei: An Enemy In My Own Country,” by Julia Shu, George Takei mentions that because “we looked like the enemy, we became the enemy, we were labeled the enemy.” This means that when the attack on pearl harbor happened many of the Japanese living in the U.S. were gathered up and denied America. Takei also mentions that his family had been mistreated while they were interned and their rights looked down upon. There were people who thought that it would only be the noncitizens being interned, but Japanese Americans were also entered and forced to move out of their homes, no longer seen as Americans, after Pearl Harbor. As for Mr. Takei he had lost it all, but according to his interview with Maria Hinojosa he had later became a big successor rising again from the bottom to the top. It is aspects and backgrounds like George Takei that truly define a person as an