Argumentative: Family and Novel Martha Peake Essay

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Argumentative Essay
A person can define a family in many different ways; a family is a haven to be surrounded by the people who love you the most and protect one through anything. Tom Paine once said, “Even brutes do not devour their young nor savages make war upon their families.” A reader could infer that this quote is explaining how even the worst of monsters or how monstrous a man may be, they will never hurt or prey upon their own kind. As parents with children, they are in charge with protecting and never making their children feel uncomfortable in any situation. As a male parent, a father should never be sexually or in any way inappropriate attracted to their children, especially to their daughters. The quote states that savages will not even create war upon their families, but as a father takes sexual actions toward their daughters they become worse than any savage or brute and because turmoil in their relationships as a family. The quote can be defended by the two texts.
In the novel Martha Peake by Patrick McGrath, Harry sexually assaults the protagonist, Martha in a graveyard. Throughout the book, the author slowly gives hints on the sexual attraction Harry is starting to feel for his daughter. Martha is going through her developing stages where she is starting to receive all the virtues of a woman. She is slowing beginning to resemble as her mother, which is obviously not her fault. In the text, it states “When her father spent himself inside her she had conceived his child.” This quote contributes a lot to the main quote because Harry went far beyond being a savage he became the worst monster anyone could imagine by harming and impregnating his own daughter. Not only did Harry ruin the relationship he had with his daughter but he also destroyed his chances of ever being a family again.
In the article “Family Saga, and Skeleton, Uncovered” by Jonathan Miller there is a slight difference between the father daughter relationship. Lucila Ventura's attorney, Edward J. De Fazio, said that her father sexually assaulted Lucila since she was 13. The abuse had been going on since then by her father, Jose Ventura. Jose did not only get his daughter pregnant once, but twice. He had damaged her