Argumentative Friendship In The Greek Myth Damon And Pythias

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Tiphany Collier
Period 1
November 3, 2014
Argumentative Friendship Essay People have the ability to react in positive or negative ways in times of severe crisis. In the Greek myth Damon and Pythias the strength of two friends is tested when one friend's life depends on the other's haste. In Julius Caesar friends and senators betray the titular character leading to the death and destruction of many. People have the tendency to act in selfish, hostile ways in periods of distress and danger. People can be exceptionally trustworthy to friends in times of need. For example, in Damon and Pythias, Damon was patient and calm in waiting for his friend to return because he trusted him. “[Damon] still believed that his life long companion would not fail him. Even when, a short time later, he was actually led out to the site of his execution, his serenity remained the same.(p.111)” Pythias could have left Damon to be executed by the king but Damon had 'perfect faith' in his friend and trusted he would return. However, the loyalty of friends counters Julius Caesar's theme of betayal.“Yet I love him [Caesar] well...If it be aught toward the general good, set honor in one eye and death th' other” At this point in the play, Brutus is willing to assassinate Caesar despite his claims of love for him. Brutus believes that other people are more important than a dear friend. Brutus never considers Another significant element of friendship is generosity. Generosity is demonstrated in Damon and Pythias when Damon comes to aide his friend. “[Damon] gladly offered to be held hostage for his friend, in spite of the dangerous condition that had been attached to this favor.(p.111)” Damon was not only willing to give up some time for Pythias but he was ready to sacrifice his life. However, not all friends show such great kindness. One of the main conspirators, Cassius, assassinated Caesar out of jealousy and greed. "Did I the tired Caesar- and this man is now become a god, and Cassius is a wretched creature, and must bend his body if Caesar carelessly but nod on him" Cassius hated that the people respected and admired Caesar more which led to his assassination. A tertiary component of friendship is support. After hearing his “Damon hastened straightaway to the