Argumentative Speech About Children

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Good morning, everyone! My name is Janet. Before i came here i was living with my uncle Moses and his family in Ajumani Refugee Camp in Uganda. And now i have immigrated to Australia. Today I’m glad to be invited here and give you a speech. I gonna talk about what problem I had faced and how I how I over came the conflict and reaccepted the new life with my mom.

Argument 1:
When I came to Australia I refused to close to my new family members even the woman who said she was my mom. At that moment, I thought my mum was an enemy. My uncle Moses once told me that some woman were jealous of people who had children and wanted to hurt those innocent kids. When I was in the refugee camp, terrible things always happened, that made me suspicious about every stranger. The life in the camp taught me that i need to be really careful in every second. I didn’t like and i even couldn't believe anyone in my new family, so i couldn’t fit in my new life.

Argument 2:
I remember when I arrived in Australia airport, my mom called my name loudly. But at that moment, I didn’t think that woman was my mom. Although she kept telling me that she was my real mother, I thought she was a liar. I didn’t live with my mum since six years ago, but I had a little bit hazy memory about her. “That woman couldn’t possibly be my mum” I told myself, she didn’t look like my mum. The first night in Australia, I had refused to use the bed and I slept on the floor. I had never used that before! But my insistence was defeated by that woman. She pulled me over to the bed. I found the bed was more comfortable than I thought, but I still hate and didn’t trust my mum.
The next morning, my mum prepare the porridge for me, but I think it had poisoned. Because my best friend Lula who had been poisoned by someone. And Uncle Moses had taught me to always be suspicious of strangers. Maybe my mum was one of these poisoners. In that six years that I had spent in the camp I had learnt that horrible things happened suddenly and without explanation. So I had to be careful. I ate the porridge before my mum delicately scooped up some of the porridge with her fingers and tasted it. And gave me her porridge. When the first time