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Immigration has a positive effect on Canada
Immigration is viewed and debated in many ways as negative. The argument that immigration augments problems which pose a negative effect in Canada by increased unemployment, taking over Canadian jobs and slowly losing our Canadian ethnicity. With these problems stated, people are questioning if immigration should be increased because of the negative impacts. I will argue that Immigration is a positive thing and is a necessity for Canada.
First of all, on the argument, immigration means higher unemployment rates. The facts are; the majority of people come here to start a new life and come here with dreams to be successful. Statistics show there are more immigrants working than those who are not, as they have no other means of proving for themselves. Immigrants also are more willing to work lower paid jobs in which other Canadians are disposed to doing. Immigrants also bring capital to our country and start new businesses and create new work places, this increases jobs and boosts our economy. Also Canada has some shortages in specialized fields like the areas of; doctors, engineers, scientists and nurses, these jobs can be supplied by immigrants that have excellent education and professional experience from their countries.
Another positive effect is; by allowing immigrants from many parts of the world, we have exposed ourselves to different cultures and now have a better understanding of the cultures of the immigrants. Living in a multicultural society makes people to be open-minded which leads to less racism and