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William Matlock
Dr. Marshall
English 100
For the Love of the Game
Something has been plaguing professional sports for the past 30 years, and it can be found in a syringe. Performance enhancing drugs are substances that ensure muscle growth in the body. Steroids and human growth hormones are examples of these controversial pills and injections; however, PEDs are illegal without a prescription. In the world of professional sports, athletes occasionally take these drugs even though they are banned. PEDs are as controversial as they are unlawful. When found guilty of using these drugs, famous and revered athletes have lost awards, records, and the respect of their fans. Blood, hair, and urine tests have been used to determine if athletes are using PEDs. Drug tests are the best way to keep performance enhancing drugs out of professional sports. Favorable sportsmanship is one reason why drug testing is crucial. Opposing parties say that the usage of performance enhancing drugs are a victimless crime; however, this is completely false. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Mark McGuire were found guilty of using PEDs after breaking several records in their sport. In “Superhuman Athletes” in Nature, Helen Thompson explains that the International Olympic Committee and almost all other sport organizations feel amazing triumphs performed while on PEDs undermine the core of sporting in general (287-289). Athletes are cheating when they use PEDs, and they keep players who are legitimately skilled in their sport from seeing the recognition they deserve. Furthermore, when players use these drugs, it sends a message to children that cheating is acceptable. Impressionable American youth idolize athletes; they aspire to reach player’s level of skill. While mimicking professional sports players, high school students have used performance enhancing drugs. Teenagers have been found guilty of drug possession and have criminal records, for they wanted to emulate their favorite team members. Athletes should recognize the influence that they have as role models, and drug testing ensures they play a clean game. Impartiality between professional athletes and the working class is another reason why drug testing is necessary. Obviously, drugs are against the law. During a business’s application process, applicants take drug tests to ensure they are fit for their position. In “Workplace Drug Testing and Worker Drug Use” in Health Services Research, Christopher S. Carpenter says “…employers have responded by implementing a variety of policies and programs designed to reduce employee substance use.” Therefore, if an applicant to Walmart or Costco is denied a job for drug use, any professional athlete that fails a drug test should also be