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Researched Argumentive Essay
Stacy Alexandria Blandly is a young country girl and with being a country girl there is country food. Stacy has always been overweight because her families daily diet consists of fried everything. Stacy eats fried chicken, pork chops, steak, fries, and any other meat that is smothered with grease and fats. She hates vegetables unless they are fried and fruits are eaten on a rare occasion. Stacy has become so dependent on food that she self-medicates it with her feelings of depression. Stacy is suffering from depression because of her unflattering body image so she eat foods such as ice cream, candy bars, and numerous amounts of sweets to heal her depression. The more Stacy self-medicates the unhealthier she gets; which makes it harder to lose weight and become healthy again.
Stacy wanted to change her ways, but when she sees things such as the media and how it portray peoples bodies as perfection she gets depressed and the cycle continues. One day Stacy was sitting at the dinner table and she refused to eat her daily supplements of fried crap. Stacy was determined to lose weight and become healthy so she joined a gym and started learning about the benefits of exercise and how she could be happier as a person. Stacy began working out continuously and the pounds were melting off like she was physically cooking. Stacy’s health was increasing and she seemed to be improving in her confidence and personality. Stacy continued exercise and healthy eating and she lost 78 pounds well-earned and happily.
Does physical exercise have mental and physical benefits on a person’s self- image? Exercise is for transformations, physical health, mental health, or it could even be a stress reliever. People who exercise will feel a change about themselves mentally or physically. Exercise can also be hindered by outside factors and internal forces. Magazine companies and health commercials aim at targeting individuals such as Stacy Blandly and portraying bodies that are believed to be the ultimate bodies. Physical Exercise will decrease self- loathing and physical unhappiness. Exercise helps the body have more energy; which makes the physical appearance being visually accepting. The mental aspect of exercise is it relieves stress and helps release ad increase positive emotions.
Exercise is a great way to increase one’s self confidence through physical activity. This method of activity will show physical results towards the enhancement of the body. Exercising will show results such as a slimming waist, less body fat percentage, and noticeable compliments from others. One of author K.B. Johannessen’s test subjects stated “If I were healthier, I could motivate myself to quit other unhealthy habits. I would feel better about myself, and my general disposition would be happier” (Johannessen 48). These factors will increase confidence because the body is benefiting in a positive way and a person will see those benefits and continue physical activity thus continuing to increase their confidence. Exercise is a beneficial factor in itself, but some exercises increase the physical gain of one’s self.
Exercise is a benefit in itself, but there are many types of exercise that can increase a certain type of physical benefit. Aerobic conditioning “means living in air” (Cooper) and it utilizes body functions and to maximize the strength and efficiency of them. Aerobic type exercise rebuilds the body “there may be a development of new blood vessels around obstructed or totally obstructed vessels” (Cooper). Aerobic exercises is one of the most significant exercises because it helps the body work more efficient, but with less actual strain on the body. This type of exercise has benefits both physical and that incorporates the bodies inside functions. Physical activity is studied by researchers, Scientists, and scholars all over the world to see if physical activity is a mental health benefit. Researchers have discovered through