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The Various Arguments about the Conquest/Cession

Note that if any of these general arguments are used, evidence and examples must be provided to illustrate and support all assertions. These statements by themselves are inadequate.

The Conquest as Catastrophe:

Before 1760 a Canadian Society was developing – a typical community of the Western World built on the twin foundations of agriculture and commerce;
This society was equipped with classes and occupational groups to carry out political, economic and social operations;
The French empire offered its people splendid opportunities for self-advancement
The Conquest represents a severing of the links and lifeblood;
The Conquest caused a collapse of the business class and the school system;
After 1760 the opportunities for advancement, political and economic power, and social prestige were all transferred to the English settlers.

The Conquest as Incident:

There were no profound changes in the fabric of French Canadian society;
Many of the problems after 1760 were caused by faulty socio-economic development during the French Regime;
New France was a weak and deficient colony, not a vital community advancing to nationhood under France;
There was no French Canadian business class after 1760 because none had existed before 1760;
The economy of New France had always been controlled by merchants from France or by the French government, not the Canadiens;
The French Regime had failed to generate…