Arguments Against Animal Rights

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On June 4, right after school ended, I decided to visit my cousin’s ranch in San Jose for about 2 months and maybe even work a little bit in order to buy my car. Before that trip, I was a supporter of animal rights, or in other words, rights that were almost if not identical to those of the human race. I fought against con-animal rights activists who argued that animals are animals that don’t feel anything and are only sacks of meat. The main reason for my family being so passionate about animal rights is due to the fact that we once saw a dog being beaten by his owner to the point of near-death. One day, the dog had enough so he jumped the fence and went to my house where we give him food and a home, until the rightful owner came looking …show more content…
However, like other debates in the world, this issue has two sides to the story and if we need to choose a side, then we need to now both. It is worldwide known that animals are prone to cruel treatment in laboratories that causes these animals great pains such as being deprived of food and water, restrained physically for prolonged periods, inflicted with burns, wounds and pain to test for healing process effects and remedies, and eventually killed through neck-breaking or asphyxiation when there are not needed. Cruel animal treatment is a strong point for the people supporting animal rights, as you surely know, but they don’t realize that if we give animal rights,which would lead to animals not being used in labs, we will expand the amount of risk that we will have to deal with when new studies have found a new pill that COULD kill your lung cancer or spread the disease to the rest of your body. You immediately see where the line begins to break. Without animal testing, we lose many benefits to not only human health, but to animal health as well. This will also lead to reduced research development due to not having anything to test our theories on and since we can’t prove our theories right or wrong, we will eventually giving up looking for cures and suffer the consequences of not having updated medicine. We need to be updated in the medicine field due to new illnesses, such as ebola, and for that we can't have rights that forbid animal testing that help aid in the research for