Arguments Against Gun Control

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The issue of gun control has been around for a long time now, but in recent years it has become a major issue again in our society. While there is a lot of controversy as it for guns are the really social issue, it is clear it is something that is on a lot of people’s minds these days. That being said it seems everyone has an opinion on the matter, and everyone’s opinion is different. It is clear some states support guns while others don’t. On that same note our government system is divided as well. So what makes gun control such an important topic? We live in a society today where gun violence is everywhere. It is on TV, in video games, referenced in music, and unfortunately carried out in our everyday lives. This paper will examine both sides of the argument and look at what is being done to eliminate the problem that seems to be following guns around. …show more content…
If someone grows up in a hunting family that person will more than likely grow up thinking that guns are not a bad thing, opposed to someone who grows up in an inner city and has seen family members personally harmed by these weapons. The Second Amendment allows us to bear arms, this is what the pro-gun platform is built upon. It has been shown that people more likely to support no changes in our gun policies are whites who live in the country or southern regions of the United States (Umberger, 2015). Gun control laws are opposed mostly by people who look at guns as a means of protection (Umberger, 2015). They view their guns as a safety factor from animals and from people who may harm their family. This side of the argument is also considered conservative when it comes to politics and usually falls under