Arguments Against Hate Crimes

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“Sometimes it seems like we're living in a prison & the crime is how much we hate ourselves”- Lord Bryon. In today’s time the word “hate” is not used to refer something one hates but it is anything that does not pleases one self. Hate Crime is violent, prejudiced crime that occurs when the criminal targets the victim based on his association to certain group, religion, ethnicity or gender. The term ‘hate crime’ was popular in 1980s to refer to violent racist crimes by white supremacist groups like Kul Klux Klan. There are many laws passed both on federal and state levels, to impose sever penalties, and discourage hate crimes. According to data by National Crime Victimization the percentage of hate crimes based on religious bias had doubled for 10 percent to 21 percent, and …show more content…
Hate crimes have increased highly after the 2001 attack not only based on religious bias but also on black men, gay and lesbians as well. Like many other issues in United States, hate crimes have two arguing side to it, one that support it and one that opposes it. Supporter of hate crimes laws argue that that most strict and sever punishments discourages the offender to act those crimes. They suggest that hate crimes are tend to be more violent and lead to social clash (tension) among two different groups. The opponents of Hate crimes suggest that, those criminals are already being punished so there is no need of extra severe punishment. They also argue that it violates the first amendment rights’ and fourteenth amendment as well it treats victims as unequal before the law. They argue on ethical basis that, some crime may be regarded as hate crimes, just merely based on subjective judgement. They believe that there should be a change, brought to cultural values and education. Hate crimes laws should exist because it protects society from greater damages, it promotes the ideas of equality regardless of race, religion or gender, and it discourages the criminal from committing such