Arguments Supporting Teenage Drivers

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Many studies regarding teenage driving have presented divers arguments presently and in the past. As much as many are against teenage driving, some support teenage drivers. Many teenagers always dream of owning a car. Most grandparents, parents, and capable members of the family are likely to buy a teenage or even a young child a car. Some are usually presents that are offered in form of appreciation to the kid. This is why most teens strive to get behind the wheels without considering the consequences that may come with driving. It is apparent that many teenagers are usually inexperienced when it comes to driving. Nonetheless, many people support teenage driving as it helps when one’s car is broken down late in the night. This paper presents both sides of the arguments regarding teenage driving. …show more content…
Many teenagers are blessed to own a car at a very tender age and this pushes them to strive and get behind the wheels. In terms of eyesight, teenagers have greater eyesight compared to the old experienced drivers. The great eyesight helps them to see small things from far that may have been difficult for older person to see. This allows them to avoid some cases of getting involved in accidents. Additionally, young people have better reflexes that are remarkably essential for quick response in case of anything. Better reflexes allow young people to respond quickly to