Ariana and Brandon (a Really Werid Thingy) Essay

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Today’s the day pop star Brandon Cooper is coming to our school and I am so not looking forward to it. He is probably this self absorbed, egotistical playboy and I don’t need any more complications in my life. I need to focus on school rather than waste my time thinking about “him”. First day of school outfit is a pair of white shorts , my cheetah vans and my favorite top with a white and black picture of new York on it. Since this is my senior year me and my girls are going to rule the school. We are the Pink Ladies for goodness sakes

First day of school in a new town, I am so glad we moved back to California .New York was crowded and loud. This year is my senior year not that I’ve ever gone to public school. This year my objective is to blend it. All I want to do is try out for a couple of sports maybe meet a nice girl but no way am I going to draw any more attention to myself than I already have. I know that this is a dream though because never in a thousand years would I Pop star Brandon Cooper ever blend in I guess I was born to stand out.
I pull up to school in my pink and white range rover. This car was a 16th birthday present from my father. He is Fredrick Hills owner and producer at Central Records. He has signed many people to his label that are famous but he of course keeps his personal and professional life separate so I don’t get to meet any of the celebrities. My mother and my father are divoreced. I choose to live with my father because he’s never home and gets me everything I want some would say im spoiled and I would agree. My mother is lawyer and currently lives in Colorado with her new boyfriend Jack. As I enter the building and I get the familiar smell of pencils, bleach and cafeteria meat. I see my girls Dominique and Alexis sitting a booth with some guys. They spot me and immediately run over squealing with grins on their faces. We all are looking cute and tan from the summer at the beach. We head over to a booth and start talking. Dominique has long brown hair and mysterious blue eyes and skinny. She has guys from all over chasing her. Alexis is completely different she has blonde hair brown eyes and curves. She has a boyfriend of a year named Thomas Green and they are inseparable. He is a perfect gentleman and is always nice to us. Right now Domi and I are single me by choice and her because she doesn’t do relationships. She sleeps with a guy and doesn’t return his phone calls. Some girls call her a slut but that’s their opinion. I like to call her a female player.
“So what are our plans for this year” Alexis says with optimism
“Have fun, Party, be unattainable” I reply
“Hell yeah” shouts Domi
“Time for the Pink Lady Pledge”
“The Pink Ladies pledge to act cool, to look cool and to be cool till death do us part, Think Pink!”
“Oh my gosh” Domi says staring at the entrance to the school. Alexis is redder than a tomato and Dominique is basically drooling so I knew it had to be “him”
I step into the red and white building with high hopes and optimism about the school year. Once I’m in sight all the chatter in the cafeteria seizes because everyone is staring at me, for a second I am worried. As I continue to the office I notice that everyone is staring at me except for one girl. One girl who isn’t staring, drooling or blushing as I walk past them, I guess she hasn’t seen me yet I think to myself that is the only option. She is very pretty and hot. As I pass her table she sees me but still doesn’t make any facial movements. I finally make it to the main office to get my class schedule. The principal hands me two sheets of paper and explains one is my schedule and one is the map of the school. He decides that he will call down a student to help me through the day. I will call my daughters best friend to help you since you have almost all of the same classes together. Her name is Arianna
I see him walk past me and he is even cuter in person. He has dark brown