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Creative writing- Fantasy.
My name is Ariel. I am an enchantment being with powers beyond your imagination! Absurd powers! I have the looks of a human, but my eyes are a bright dazzling blue colour, my legs as long as you can imagine and further, my hands so large I could scoop the Mediterranean sea into my hands. I have no brain instead I have tiny beings, which I send messages telepathically. I should give them the credit but then again I did generate them. I have neither family nor a heart. People who visit the island for a vacation believe I am a devil a roguish sprite but that’s only because I have caused them adversity.
I live on an island bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The weather is suited to my wishes. The trees scattered on the border of island make my feel secure, as they tell me anything that comes within a 3 mile radius of my island. The trees have multicoloured trunks and leaves that are silky green. I sleep on a manmade bed of roses, even though life for me is not a bed of roses for me!
I live with animals which also protect me which are called Hybrids, they have lion’s head and mane, a jaguars legs and the arms of a gorilla and the body of a polar bear and the tail of a rattlesnake which can spit out a poisonous liquid, so poisonous it can kill you even if it is inhaled, the eyes of a eagle and ears of a bat.
I also have the mightiest eagles enlarged by a scale factor of 2000 flying around the radius of the island.
One day I required the weather to be snowy and cold. So it was! My eagles and hybrids were vigilantly munching on the sustenance I had given them when immediately they all started making tons of commotion. I pulled out of my pocket a sword with machetes stuck to either side to it. The eagle came soaring down and told me that a big ship is headed towards the island and has approximately 3000 people on it. I was dazed upon this information and immediately prepared all my hybrid’s for battle and primed myself as a normal human being also I disguised my trees and normal trees with brown trunks and green leaves. All the hybrids and eagles went into inconspicuousness mode.
The vessel approached. I saw voluminous people. They were outfitted in some sort of facade clothes,