Curriculum Development For Inclusive Practice

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Assignment 1 & 2
Curriculum Development for Inclusive Practice


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The contexts in which education and training are provided 3 - 6
In the lifelong learning sector

Theories, Principles and Models of Curriculum Design on Inclusive learning and 7- 11
Teaching in our learning environment. References 12

1. Understand contexts in which education and training are provided in the lifelong learning sector
Kelly, A.V. (2004) Defines curriculum as all the learning which is planned and guided by the school, weather it is carried out in a group or individually, inside or outside.
This definition
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When learners are able to demonstrate certain skills, they are deemed to have completed the process. The actions have become the ends; the processes have become the product. Whether or not students are able to apply the skills to make sense of the world around them is somehow overlooked.
3. Curriculum as praxis
Curriculum as a praxis can be seen as the dynamic interaction of action and reflection, in this way the curriculum model pays close attention to the way in which individuals and the group create understanding and practices as well. In this way the model pays close and particular attention to the action of each individual and the group. For example, where I teach we have students from different nationalities, races and background, using this model, we always seek to explore the experiences of the different culture and racial backgrounds present in our classes in the delivery of teaching. Through this method we are able to pay close attention to the way in which the students either as individuals or as a group create understandings and practices. In the course of using this model all the practitioners would be able to say how their actions with respect to particular interventions shows how well the purpose of teaching is being achieved and this is particular important in teaching ESOL (English As A Second Language)
After reading a lot of materials on curriculum, I think that it should not be presented as finished idea or concept, but should include the