Aristotle As A Tragic Hero

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Before knowing Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero, I would interpret it as a character who has faced many obstacles during his/her lifetime yet has able to overcome them slowly over time. As the novel progresses, this character is ready to give up and turn to evil, since he/she has gone through many hardships, but knows it is not the right thing and instead realizes his/her true objective in life. A tragic hero is usually the main character of the novel. At the beginning of the story, this character is someone who doesn't have much but is loved by many and usually lives a good life. Being an intelligent, honest and loving character, money is not necessary to them because they have something better- love.Then, throughout the novel, the character then is affected by something big in their life. Suddenly, their world is turned upside down and somehow this character must deal with it. Over and over again, this character is constantly being filled with bad luck. For example, some of the hardships faced by this character might include a loss of loved one(s), death, close ones turning their back against them, failure, torture, committing a sin/ crime and so on. As the story continues, the character will bet tempted by evil and will have to decide whether or not he will fall into it. The character goes through a couple of stages depending on the situation. Once the character is tempted by evil, he/she will soon realize his/her wrongs and realize all the damage he/she has caused in society and to loved ones. The ones he cares about will soon begin to hate him/her, along with the other characters that he/she caused trouble. When the character suffers because of all the hate, he/she will come to the realization of their wrongs and will try to make amends. The character will be filled with guilt, blaming himself constantly throughout the novel and his conscience slowing eating him alive. This character will do anything possible to make it right and get