Aristotle Nichomachena Ethics Journal Essay

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Michael Reuter
Dr. Shumaker
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February 2, 2015
Aristotle Nichomacean Ethics
Bullet Points
A good person ought to be a lover of oneself in order to take care of themselves and others
For a corrupt person what he ought to do and what he should do are out of harmony
People who are viewed as self-lovers are viewed as corrupt and only looking out for their own personal good.
A good person is said to look out for his friends and others over his own needs but facts are not in harmony with this claim
While it is important to show preference to one’s friends, one should not do so in place of meeting obligations to others.
The feelings we have for our friends are the same as we have for ourselves. For instance, a good friend wishes good things for his or her friend, enjoys that friend’s company, and shares personal joys and sorrows.
We feel goodwill toward a person in whom we perceive some merit or goodness, but this feeling is different from friendship or even affection, because it is superficial and not necessarily requited.
Benefactors seem to love those whom they have benefited more than the beneficiaries love in return
Aristotle makes some very good points in his article about the character of a good person and a corrupt person. To sum up what he said a good person cares for themselves and their friends with the same amount of love. A corrupt person doesn’t care for themselves and as a result may or may not care for anyone else either. A good person who