Arithmetic Mean and Data Management Class Essay

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Chapter 2 One Variable Stats Assessment

The Task: to conduct a research experiment on your Data Management Class.

Hypothesis: It will show that the majority of students in grade 12 study 4 hours per day. As well, that the amount of time spent studying is related to your overall average.

Sample Method: Random Sampling

Survey Questions

1. How many hours do you spend studying each day?
2. What is your overall average
3. Where do you do your homework?


Mean of hours studied: 2.357

Sample Standard Deviation/sx: 1.97303

IQR: 3.5


It was my assumption that in the most important year as a high school student, one would spend at least 4 hours per day studying. Regardless of your previous track record, grade 12 is fresh start, and last chance for some to develop good academic habits. However, after collecting my data, it appeared that the majority of students spend less than 4 hours studying. A shocking 57% spend 2 hours or less.

The central tendency calculated was mean, which produced an average of 2.4 hours studied per student. That is 1.6 hours less than my original hypothesis of 4 hours. Judging by the mean of the data, most grade 12 students do not study 4 hours per day.

The sample standard deviation of 1.97 show that the data is almost split evenly along the mean, as half of the data is below the average and the other half is above the average. This shows that the mean lies approximately in the center of the data.