Arizona's Morey Unit Prevention and Mitigation Analysis Essay

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Morey Unit Prevention and Mitigation Analysis Riots and disturbances in prisons are not a new phenomenon in the United States and in the past decades there has been a continuation of these destructive and violent events. The prison riot at a phenomenon can be used in a number of ways. The term riot can be defined as the act of inmates taking control of a significant portion of a prison or correctional center for a significant period of time (American Correctional Association, 2010). Also, the term disturbance is considered a step down from riot because there are fewer inmates involved and there is no control or minimal control of a small portion of the correctional facility by inmates (American Correctional Association, 2010). One of the …show more content…
For example, simple security measures like frequent pat down searches of inmates to ensure no weapons are present can significantly reduce the chances of inmates having weapons and being able to use them on officers. Ideas like these should be implemented to reduce the chances of hostage situations, trauma, and even death to correctional staff and inmates. With improved security measures the Morey Unit hostage situation could have been avoided. Proper amount of staff and training could have also helped to mitigate the incident in the Morey Unit hostage situation. Whenever there are staffs shortages at correctional facilities this can always cause dangerous conditions for inmates and staff. To mitigate situations like this one in Arizona, correctional facilities have to maintain proper staffing levels and ensure staff is properly trained for riot and disturbance incidents. With 946 vacant correctional officer positions, the Arizona Department of Correction has a staff vacancy rate of 15.2 percent. In the Lewis complex where the Morey hostage situation occurred the vacancy rate is 19 percent, with over 200 positions left unfilled (Garrett, 2004). To avoid hostage situations all staff must be properly trained on disturbances and riots, this training should include drills and scenario-based training to better prepare staff for real life situations. Practical training exercises should be reviewed