Arjuna and Brave Warrior Abhimanyu Essay

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Brave Warrior Abhimanyu: When in the Womb he carefully listened to the first half of the CHAKRAVIYU (also called Padma Vyuha) on how to prosecute single handedly the fight with the enemy formation, that was being narrated by his Father, Arjuna, to his Mother, Shubhadra, but the father did not explain the second half of the fight, as he was interrupted by Lord Krishna. As a result, Abhimanyu knew how to enter the Chakravyuh and fight half way through, but he did not know how to gracefully exit from the formation.

According to Dharmayuddha (rules of the war, which were generally followed by both sides in a war in ancient Bharat), one man fights only one man at a given point of time. So, the Kauravas, each fight Abhimanyu in turns and Abhimanyu puts up a brave front by defeating each of them in the battle. Now Dhuryodhan, who is the head of Kauravas during the war, orders the six main Kaurava warriors to attack Abhimanyu in unison, against the rules of Dharmayuddha. So, they all attack him together at the same time and Abhimanyu was finally killed after a long fight with the formidable enemy group, all by himself. Even during the last moments, when he loses all his weapons, he tries to defend himself using the “Chakra” or the Wheel of the Chariot, but in the end dies after a brave fight, when several in the formation simultaneously pierce their arrows into his body while he was trying raise from the ground.

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