Armenians Culture Essay

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This speaks about the role of women are to be at home and how the men are supposed to be. The women are supposed to stay at home workers. As in cook, clean, wash basically just stay at home. As in the men are supposed to be out at work doing the laborer the heavy lifting work. Also speaks on when the war was happening the women were taken by soldiers to work. On how the women were facing so many problems.

It speaks about how the young Armenians in Krasnador are constructing a sense of belonging of ethnicity and of multicultural location. How the Armenians are not ashamed to be called Armenians in a different area besides their hometown. Also speaks upon how much popularity it has in Krasnador. How the Armenians migrate and become a huge popularity. Also how people observe and interact with the Armenians.
Characteristics and Foreign Policy
This speaks upon Armenians of they are