Arming Pilots Essay

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Protect Our People Please What do you do if someone is holding a gun in your face, and you have nothing to defend yourself with? Well that is the exact circumstance that we all have the chance of facing on a plane. Americans are expected to get on an airplane and feel safe and protected, but all that has happened on airplanes in the past ten years has left us fearful. We need to do something to make sure that we are safe on an airplane and that an American plane can never be hijacked again. We need to train and arm our pilots to ensure our safety on an airplane.
Airplanes are massive and very complex pieces of machinery, and they help us get to places more efficiently and cheaper than traditional ways. Although we have seen that if
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Some people opposed to pilots carrying guns fear for the safety of the passengers; they fear that a stray bullet may strike a passenger. What if the pilot shot numerous times at the hijacker and accidentally shot a passenger? Honestly, this is a very legitimate point. However, given the choice, most would choose a stray bullet to one passenger over the tragic deaths of thousands. People think that (Donnelly, 1) a few bullet holes in the plane will make something happen and cause the plane to go down. These people have no clue what they are talking about. Airlines have experienced explosions on planes without it crashing what will a few bullet holes do? Most pilots have a very strong opinion about this either for or against (Ko, 1) one pilot had argued that "If we fail in security screening, profiling, baggage searches, security checks, and have a terrorist get on an airplane, which is very possible, what is our defense?" he asks. "All I am asking for is a fighting chance to save my passengers, crew, aircraft and people on the ground from a psycho or terrorist." Some people oppose having guns on board for numerous reasons. If a potential terrorist knows that a gun is on board, they could craft a plan to utilize it as part of a larger plan. The use of a locked cabin door and on-board air marshals seems like enough security. With tight airport security, it is almost impossible for a