Army Leadership Requirements Model Essay

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The Army definition of leadership is: to influence others by providing purpose, direction and motivation. We as leader must follow all the attributes and competence that the ADRP 6-22 listed as the Army Leadership Requirements Model.
Over the course of my military career I have experienced many opportunities to grow as a person and as a leader. As an E-4 promotable I was placed in a Motor Sergeant position for a Military Police Detachment. I was very surprised a surprise because there were more senior soldiers within the brigade that could have taken that position. My mentor the battalion Motor Sergeant taught me the principles of leadership and he said to me, “I feel that is the true purpose of leadership; to grow and develop more leaders”. The lesson I learned from that Motor Sergeant was to have patience and be more resilience of those hard working leaders who are so hardly focused on the mission.
After my first assignment I have had numerous leadership position, including Joint Command with U.S. Central Command the Mobility Branch Chief.
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All data has to be annotate, such as; fuel consumption, mileage per trip, and traffic tickets. I strive to perform my duty to the best of my ability, using all the DoD and army regulations. The Army is not just about accomplishing the mission, we also have a responsibility to also ensure the well-being of our Soldiers and their families under our care at the simultaneously. Some believe that the military can be run as a business, I say that’s wrong. We have to change the mentality that every Soldier deserves an award. As leader we must select the best Soldiers to train, educate and promote to ensure we will have a better leaders in the future. The Army has too many inexperience leaders because they were promoted only because they know someone of influence. That inexperience is affecting the moral of the