Army: Minimum Wage and Personal Courage Essay

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Reflecting on this article I am remonded of two people that I have encountered and their actions towards others. The first is a person I went to college with named Troy. Troy grew up in a family that wasn’t weathly, but wasn’t poor either, they were as middle class as you can get. He was looking for a job once he got into college, but refused to even consider any job that paid close to minimum wage, there were openings for jobs at fastfood places and at grocery stores bagging and stocking shelves, but those in his own words were jobs for unskilled people that didn’t have an education. While talking with Troy, myself and others were unable to convince him that there was nothing wrong with a job at any of those places, the rest of our class had all worked for a time at fast food restaraunts or mowing lawns or doing manual labor. The second person I want to talk about is a friend of mine named Nick, he used to have a quirk when we would go out drinking he would barely leave a tip at the end of the night. When asked about that he said it was because the waitress or bartender was only getting him drinks it wasn’t like they were bringing food or anything for him. Slowly after debating this point many times about how bartenders and waitresses don’t get paid even minimum wage and the fact that alcoholic beverages consist of more than just water or soda he has started leaving tips for them. The above points cover respect and personal courage from the army values. Respect is something that should be shown to everyone no matter what job or postion they hold from