Aron Ralston Character Analysis

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Imagine your right arm pinned under a boulder…you’re trapped with nowhere to go. People are looking for you and if they find you your as good as dead. Your bleeding and there are sharks in the water. Aron Ralston from the autobiography “Trapped”, Hyeonseo Lee from “My Escape from North Korea” by Ted Talk, and Bethany Hamilton from “Young Surfer Girl Tells Tale of Share Attach” by ABC News have each been in one of these deadly situations. They proved for a person to be a survivor they must possess courage, determination, and be a critical thinker.

In the case of Aron Ralston, he was able to escape death by being a critical thinker. On day one at 5PM Aron thinks of his options from best to worst; option one being using his multi-tool knife to excavate the rock, option two being create and anchor to lift the boulder, and three being amputation of his arm. He thought logically of every possibility, their outcome, and organized them in the order of his personal preference. During a time most people in his position would have panicked and lost all sense of reason. Without Aron’s ability to think clearly in this dangerous situation his arm wouldn’t have been the only thing decomposing. Being able to think of
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Every situation calls for a different mindset or change of heart. Aron Ralston had to change his mind set in order to be a critical thinker, Hyeonseo Lee had to have a big heart to be courageous, and Bethany Hamilton like Aron Ralston had to have a focused mindset for her great amount of determination. Generally having your arm pinned under a boulder, escaping from North Korea, or being attacked by a shark rarely occurs. Nevertheless, these qualities can be useful in everyday life. For example, gong to a new school or having a family member that is very sick, could very well be situations for you to have determination, courage, and critical thinking to make it through the