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Task 2 – Arousal

Drive theory

This is a theory of learning that predicts a direct relationship between drive and learning. Drive theory states that as our arousal levels increases so does our performance levels there for the higher our arousal the better we will perform and the lower your arousal the more difficult you will find it to perform well.

This theory also explains that beginners to the sport often do not perform well under pressure and their skill level decreases due to poor habits and wrong use of techniques. Experienced athletes tend to perform better under pressure due to their superior skills and the use of stress management techniques.

A boxing coach makes his boxer angry by criticising him and calling him weak this then angers the boxer and makes him angry. His arousal level then increases to a very high level and during performance he is very determined to win and takes out his anger on his opponent, this causes him to K.O his opponent and win.

The inverted ‘U’ Theory

This theory states that an athlete’s performance increases with increasing levels of arousal up the optimum point. The optimal point is the most beneficial level of arousal, this can change depending on the task, level of learning and the personality of the athlete. After the optimal point is reached performance will begin to decrease because the arousal can no longer carry on to rise.

An example of this would be a coach motivating their athlete but making sure that they do not reach their optimum point because if they do then their performance levels will increase much quicker.

Sports Specific Levels of Arousal

This theory states that athletes participating in different sports will have different levels of performance because each sport requires a certain level of arousal to be able to perform well. In this theory a slow paced sport such as gold will require a quite low arousal level to perform well and a fast paced sport like boxing will require a very high emotional arousal to perform well.

An example of this would be a player who specialises in one sport going to play a different sport. Wayne Rooney would be this type of athlete, before a football game he will be highly aroused so that he performs well but when out with friends playing golf he will be more relaxed.…