Essay on Arranged marriage

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What are the consequences?
There are many young girls who are forced to get married. These girls are 9-14 and they are told to marry whoever the parents told them to. There are a lot of consequences but one important one to me is they are dropping out of school because they are getting married and having children.
There are a lot of health reasons: Young girls can die, get sick or either have mental issues because of the way that their husbands are treating them. Their parents can do something about it be it will not help as much. Girls this age should not get married when they are this young it is a huge risk for them and for the parents.
-They are more likely to catch HIV than their unmarried counterparts because of their sexual exposure.
-Girls are often pressured to have a child soon after getting married, despite being a child but there only a child themselves

There is a lot of violence: A lot of men are beating there wife’s and they get away with it because they don’t say anything. If someone is hurting you, you should someone instead of hiding it. -Some are regularly beaten by their husbands Losing Great Chances
People are not getting the right amount of education. Rape occurs frequently in forced and child marriages and has severe consequences, especially for young brides. Honor killings may also be a consequence in cases where a forced marriage is refused. -14 million girls under the age of 18 marry each year. -Young people are actively involved in choosing a marriage partner. -Forty percent accepted the concept of an arranged marriage but would