Essay on Arrangement and Positive Learning Environment

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Classroom Arrangement Rationale
Kayla Crooks
David Sturgeon
December 18, 2014
Classroom Arrangement Rationale

This is a first grade classroom that I designed. The classroom design will assist in creating a positive learning environment for my students. The room is desined to for open areas with designated areas for small group learning and activities. With this design there is clutter free walk ways and spacious learning centers. All of the centers are located on the outside walls of the classroom. In order to maintain a positive learning environment the classroom arrangement should be positive as well.
The student tables will seat four to six students. This will help create a cooperative learning environment. According to University of Phoenix Arranging Furniture and Materials (2014), putting them in small groups where they can work together is crucial from the very beginning. Each table will have a bin that holds all of the students’ sluppies so that there is less disruption during the lessons. The teacher’s desk is located in the corner of the classroom where I will have a clear view of all activities in the classroom and it is easily accessiable for myself and my students.
The centers are placed stregically around the room so that the students are not crowded around each other when they are working in centers. It is very important for the students to be able to move around without tripping and falling over each other or other items. Crowded rooms can make the students feel overwhelmed and they will not focus on the task at hand. In order to motivate the students and keep them on track there will be rules posted around the room as well as their work. With the rules clearly stated and posted around the room the students will know and