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Planning an event

In order for a whole school mass to run smoothly, there has to be a lot of planning to go into it. Without this panning there can be many thing that can go wrong. In order to prevent these things going wrong, there are several things that you have to do.


Arriving on time

I demonstrated that I could get everyone to the event on time by putting leaflets around the school and getting other pupils to go to classrooms 10 minutes before the mass starts to get the other students to the event on time. By doping this it enables the mass to start on time due to everyone being seated in the mass 5 minutes its begin to start. This also makes sure that they mass will not go over its deadline so that all the pupils and staff can get on with the rest of the day learning and teaching.

Ensuring the venue is set up correctly

The day before the event started, we went to the chapel and got all the equipment together to make sure everything was there to make sure the mass could run smoothly. By us doing this meant that it would be easier and less time consuming to set up the hall at the morning of the mass.

Gaining approval
We gained Mr carrs approval as at the end of the event he got the people that normally set the event up, to go and look around and make sure that we had set the event up correctly.

Setting up resources and equipment

We brought in all the resources and equipment from the chapel the night before the event so that we could ensure that all of the equipment was there.

Checking equipment is working
Once we had all of the electrical equipment set up, we got one of the ICT teachers to come and check to see if we had it all set up correctly and to see if that it was all in working order.



Someone trips over the cables that are connected to the microphone

Tape them down so that there is no risk of someone tripping over them

Faulty microphone

Have a backup microphone in place so that if needed, you can change the microphone over easily without the mass being delayed.

Behaviour is bad during the event

Tell Mr Williams or Mr durr and they can then be given a detention od dealt with after the event has ended.


The mass over ran by 20 minutes due to the priests final speech being too