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Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center Case Study Analysis

Arroyo Fresco (AF) currently provides services through eleven clinics and four mobile service vans across western Arizona. The three counties that are served through AF provide high quality primary care and preventative services to demographic areas with diverse geography, culture, income, and other varying factors (“Arroyo Fresco,” 2006). The facility guides its decision making process for organizational strategies with the combination of FOCUS and SWOT analysis. This allows for a well-rounded check and balance system to manage and prepare for current and future strategies for short term and long term processes. The increase in financial demands, consumer
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ACA is providing better choices, value, better health, and stronger Medicare programs to the people of Arizona (HHS, 2013).
The organizational strategy that Arroyo utilizes now contributes to charting a course for the entire company. By taking into account the current mission statement, the company has a guiding point for all strategic decisions (Johnson, 2013). The vision statement of Arroyo describes what the organization will achieve once it fulfills the requirements of the mission statement. In essence, it defines the long-term goals of the organizational strategy. Arroyo’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ramon Gonzalez, is a firm believer that senior management should have two of the most important roles within the organization in order to “manage the present” and to “shape the future” (“Arroyo Fresco,” 2006, p. 5). As a part of Arroyo’s strategic planning processes, the OASIS Improvement Model is utilized. In order to make this work effectively, all individuals involved in the planning processes, including the external stakeholders, are given the opportunity to offer feedback on the content of the plan. The organization has also incorporated the use of SWOT analysis to help provide a full awareness of the internal and external factors to provide the company with an awareness of the company’s current situation (Renault, 2013). AF develops active plans for strategy development at four