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For my first artist, I chose to do my project on is Robert Doisneau (April 1912 to April 1994). He started his career in photography in the 1930, where he was drafted into war and served in WW2 as a soilder and French photographer. He has sold may of his photography to Life magazine and international magazines. One of the photographs I choose was Jacques Prevert Paris, 1955. I choose this photo because it is so calm, but yet peaceful looking. In the background you can see many of trees, people walking, benches. I like how the trees are spaced apart on each side, reminds me of a tunnel. In this photo I also see everyday movement. The man sitting at the table with his dog would be the main focus point of the picture. There are buildings in the background on the right hand side; could be houses or a courthouse of some sort, its hard to tell because of the lighting in the background.

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The second artist I chose to do, is a painting by Thomas Kinkade (Jan 1958 to April 2012), who painted realistic, bucolic, and idyllic subjects. They call him the “Painter of Light” because of his oil based paintings and his inspiration to Christian themes. After Thomas graduating from high school in 1976, he started his career at University of California, Berkeley was there for two years, then transferred to The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. One of his painting I chose to write about is “COURAGE”; which shows the beauty of God’s artwork. When I first looked at this picture, I noticed the house and the lighthouse beside it. You can feel the sense of movement in the ocean. The sail boat in the background makes you feel like you are riding the waves. The colors in the picture, are light in the background, but yet have dark hues, where the trees