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Madonna and Child
This simple piece was created by Duccio di Buoninsegna in the year 1300. It is painted in tempara and gold on a wood panel. You can find this amazing piece in Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It is not a very big piece of art measuring at 11 in by 8.3inches.
Madonna and Child represent Mary, the mother of Christ and baby Jesus. It is a popular subject matter, especially during the Renaissance. In this particular painting, the subject is simple. Most paintings with Madonna and child were portrayed in a byzantine style—meaning not as realistic and mostly intended to remind those that view it of a story or theological concept. In this painting, concept being that Jesus was both fully god and fully human, that Christ was god and man at the same time. Unlike the Byzantine style, this particular painting shows emotion and is more realistic.
Duccio usually painted on wood panel painted in egg tempara and embellished with gold leaf. This painting is warm and inviting. Delicate details—soft hair and lines, beautiful colors, and grace, to give this painting a more lifelike appearance. He is expressing naturalism which is not common practice during this time. This painting shows a convincing depth. Mary appears as though she is standing or sitting behind something, drawing the viewer in more closely. These characters interact tenderly and softly with each other as normal mother and child would. If you look closer to infant Jesus in this painting you…