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Mary Picinich
Block 3
Research on Louise Nevelson and Piet Mondrian
8 ­ 29 ­2014

Louise Nevelson was born September 23, 1899 in Czarist, Russia and died on April 17,
1988 in New York City. Her and her family moved to the US in the early 20th century.
By the early 1930s she started taking art classes at the Art Students League of New
York, and later in 1941 she had her first solo exhibition. Her most famous work consists of precisely cut pieces of wood painted monochromatic black or white. She lived during the Modern art and Abstract expressionism period and had a more modernist style. The more popular, Sky Cathedral, was made of boxes and crates which each had other different wood objects within them. These object included things like moldings, furniture legs, bowling pins, chair slats, and other random pieces of wood.
Principles Used in Sky Cathedral:
Unity ­ by painting every object within the artwork all one color, it allowed for the objects to work as one.
Pattern ­ by placing repeated things closely together like furniture legs within the same unit. Balance ­ by placing large and small items close and far apart it allowed for the sculpture to not get boring but instead make it more interesting.
Movement ­ by shaping and placing objects in such a way as to point your eye towards the focal point.
Elements used in Sky Cathedral:
Line ­ instead of creating direct lines, she formed lines by placing certain pieces together to direct your eye towards the focal point. Piet Mondrian was born March 7, 1872 in Amersfoort, Netherlands and died in
Manhattan, New York on February 1, 1944. He was apart of the De Stijl art movement founded in