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Three ninety-nine for a Dole Whip? I wasn’t even buying the float, just the ice cream part! Sheesh, well, I guess it is Disney so it doesn’t hurt to spend that much on ice cream, right? Plus a Dole Whip isn’t just any ol’ ice cream, it’s legendary, one of the classic Disney treats. A must have. “Thank you, and have a magical day sir!” A nod in response from the cashier and I’m walking out of Adventureland, towards Cinderella’s Castle. It was just after the Electrical Parade and people were getting frantic to claim that perfect spot for the fireworks. There is no room to feel claustrophobic during this time in the Magic Kingdom, as the amount of people that were in the park before has magically doubled and transformed into a raging elephant caught in a tornado. It’s big, loud, somewhat terrifying, and if you get swept up in the wrong flow, you’ll get spit out in exactly the place where you don’t want to be at. As this is where I work and also come to play, I can navigate the storm pretty well by now. On this day however, I’m not even here to see the fireworks. My newfound favorite is the Celebrate the Magic projection that they do on the castle right before the fireworks. The goal was just to get in and out before the crowd. As I settle in to a spot I start to look at the people more closely. I mean, who doesn’t people watch? Disney is the perfect place for this too, as it is a gathering place for people from all reaches of the earth. The white noise of their voices and languages and accents all at once is a rare sound unlike any other. Some guests you’ll have a single serving conversation with and you’ll become single serving best friends for that moment. Now let me explain here. A single serving friend is someone that you do not know and will most likely never see again, but for a moment or a day even, can have a close connection to. When you come in contact with a person like this something just clicks and it feels like you’ve known them for a while. When that moment ends you don’t feel the loss of losing a friend but instead feel elated at making that sort of connection with a complete stranger. Believe me, it is a wonderful thing to experience in any setting. In my opinion being able to make friends like this is a great confidence boost and broadens horizons to different kinds of people. It gives you the chance to experience people that you normally wouldn’t be friends with. In the moment of Disney you feel like it doesn’t matter that you’re here alone because there is a mass amount of people to make single serving friends with all around you! While people watching, you can kind of pick out the easy-to-talk-to people and start off a conversation. The topic of how I work here, is a popular. They always seem so fascinated and have weird questions about Disney for me, and honestly that feeling of awe and fascination is mutual. Yes, I too STILL feel that way about Disney even though I work there. Yes, I do see the electrical parade and other festivities almost every night but does that make them any less magical for me? Absolutely not, Disney still provides me with magic and mystery that it does any other person. It is not part of this world but its own world entirely. So, here I was, secretly filled with utter glee at being able to see the projection on my off day, when suddenly, I overheard a family debating whether or not they could make it up main street to pick up their packages and back to the castle in time for the fireworks or not. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Celebrate the Magic will begin in just 10 minutes.” The recorded voice announcer is another sound all too familiar to me now. After this comment I thought I’d chime in to the family’s conversation. “Hey guys! Trying to get to the front entrance? That’s gonna be a little hard right now.” A wink and a smile later, we all shared a laugh and engaged in small talk about how crowded it gets. This particular family consisted of three children, a