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This Wonderful piece of art call Las Meninas by Diego de Silva y Velazquez is a much known painting that catches attention to many painters around the world. Located in Museo Del Prado in Madrid, Spain, this museum receives many visits from people all over the world. I was fortunate enough to visit Madrid last fall and visit Museo Del Prado but unfortunately I was not able to go in since it was already close.
From my point of view this painting shows that they are in a studio all gather around having a good time. The studio might be at the painter’s house or might be in another location but it looks like they are having fun, especially the little girls. In addition, they are also dressed really nice plus the studio looks very adequate for a wealthy family. It looks like they enjoy their spare time with their siblings or friends and paint what they feel like it.
Focal point plays a big role in paintings, in this specific painting by Diego my opinion would be the girl with the white dress in the front. She has three people staring at her, and maybe a fourth person at the back right side who could be somebody that works for the painter by the way they are dressed. There are other characters who could be the focal point too such as the man in the very back who is reflected by the mirror, or also the man who is painting looking at the girl with the white dress. Balance, texture, rhythm and color are principles of art. From this painting I don’t think there is balance, because it won’t have the same portions if we divide the painting right through the middle. I can see there is a window on the right side of the painting. The sun is focusing in the center part of the painting, mostly the four front girls in the front are the ones that getting that light part of the sun. At the back we can only see darkness, the paintings from the back side of the studio are very hard to see which an example of Atmospheric perspective is. Except the mirror that is reflecting the two gentlemen and the man who is standing at the very back who is wearing a black color who seems to work there as well and can be the entrance of the studio or house. The light that he has most likely can be from other parts of the studio or just the hallway, those are just some examples of value. This painting provides rhythm by adding the color red in several parts. There is a little girl on the right side who seems to have her left foot on top of the dog which is big and looks playful. The