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AP World History

Art and Architecture

Going back to even the BCE period art has played a huge role in many civilizations. Dyes from fruits were used to make drawings on cave walls and sculptures had been made to scare of invaders. Beginning in the late 1300’s Europe began going through a period that would change them forever, this period is called the Renaissance. It was a rebirth of their culture improving and emphasizing their art and architecture. At this time the Middle East is also making advanced to their work. During the 14th through 16th centuries art and architecture in the Middle East and Western Europe were both greatly influenced by religion, however in Western Europe the Renaissance brought on many new ideas such as humanism, whereas in the Middle East they continued to be heavily based off religion and other civilizations. Both regions incorporated great detail into their art and architecture. In Western Europe artists began giving life to their paintings. Shadowing and perspective helped change the way in which artists worked. It is shown in many works of art where an artist will make a painting within a painting. This showed extreme skill. To mock other artists, an artist would sometimes paint another artist painting in the background of their own. Churches in Western Europe were being built so large that they were bigger than most buildings throughout the cities. The Santa Maria del Fiore is just one of many churches that expressed the new architecture of the Renaissance. In the Middle East a major architectural trademark is their dome shape roofs. While both civilizations became more sophisticated in their work, the influence that was given to them was extremely different. Western Europe began to focus on humanism and the education that started to flourish in this time. During this period the first