Art and Art Exam Essay

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JianAn Luo
English 28
Personal Statement
I am Luo Jian An, born in 1993 in Guangzhou China. I am majoring Art in my college, and I am here to write this letter for pursuing advanced art studies in the University of California. I believe those studies are indispensable for my future career development and will benefit me for my art studies.
I chose art as my intended major because I love art and beauty. Art is everywhere in my life. I studied art in my country. Art already became my favorite course and enjoyed spending time in the art studio and drawing was always the big habit for me because I enjoy building beautiful stuffs, and I learned those things from my personal experience while I had studied art in my hometown. “Art is a good way of thinking and learning art can mold character. Also every culture has art. Like language, art is a basic human behavior.” In other world, art is an important part of our life. I love art because it makes me enjoy my life and complete human being. I have always been interested in art. For example, art is evident in that I fell in love with art when I participated in the art exhibition with social activities. When I was young, that was my first time to visit the art exhibition, and I fell in love with art. Those beautiful art works were holding my eyes and had over me, such as all those artistic works were supposed to work like magic to me. Beside loved art. I think I am addicted to beauty. Art and beauty cannot be separate because everything cannot leave art. Being raised in the scenic city Guangzhou was already made me indulged in art and beautiful things. On the other hand, the beautiful buildings and flowers were made me hungry for beauty. Also, art opened up my new aesthetic worlds, even just for the few moments I spend and standing in front of the canvas or papers, so I would like to use my hands to create many picturesque stuff such as I really enjoy drawing and painting in my life.
Depend on love of art; I took the art exam before I enter my college. In my country, art exam is opening for people who really love art and how well the people can do in drawing for art. I love art very much, so I decided to take that exam for testing myself. I used to learn art. In my memory, I remember I prepared for the art exam so hard. For example, three months before the exam, I spent so much time on practice drawing skills for self improvement. Therefore, I used the free time to ask teacher and students for learning more art drawing information. Also I have learned a lot of art background and art history from visiting art museum. Those things were valuable and indispensable experience for me in order to prepare the art exam better. After all, my art skills had been improved by practicing hard and tremendous efforts. Finally, with my tremendous efforts and confidence by myself, I did well in my art exam. However, my passion for art must have to help me for the future art learning.
Besides spending time on studying and research at art, I have enjoyed in art volunteer work and I realized how the importance of patience in art. My self qualities have been improved by participated in the volunteer work, where is encouraging me to learn something from it such as help the community library for drawing on the wallpaper. Need patience at art was what I have gained from this volunteer work. After I am done doing this volunteer work, I realized it was really helpful for developing patience because art was grabbing lots of patience while you were working on. In other words, patience is what I need in art; also