Art Appreciation Essay

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Art is more than an appealing object; it’s a way a person expresses themselves. In our modern world there are many different forms of art that has branched out from painting, sculpture and photography. Today we have graphic design, programs to enhance photography, and different types of paint and clay. I have found to be drawn to abstract art; specifically paintings and sculptures. I personally believe abstract art expresses emotion and imagination a little more than any other type of art. Coming up with images that are completely out of the ordinary and using it to tell a story is genuinely beautiful. Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is one that I chose because the story behind the painting isn’t so beautiful.
This painting is a very well known piece around the world. I have chosen it for a few different reasons. My mother had a copy of this painting in her dining room when I was a child. I always loved the colors and the way the brush strokes were created, never knowing how famous it really was or even the story of how it was created. I took an art class a few years ago and learned the struggle Van Gogh went through when he created this piece. He was admitted to an asylum but prior to that he painted Starry Night over the Rhone. Once he was hospitalized he found inspiration outside of the asylum to paint Starry Night. What was very impressive was that he painted this piece by memory with his inspiration being in the daytime. The key to the way Van Gogh created this