Art Appreciation Essay

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1. Write a short paragraph in response to the following questions: Is there only one-way to interpret art? What do artists Michael Porter and Hock-Aun Teh say about the interpretation of art in segment 12 of the film?

There is no right or wrong way to interpret art. People view and think things differently. Interpreting art will also varies from one person to another. Discovering the meaning of a piece of art depends on our personal connection we make with it. Therefore, it is necessary to be an informed viewer when interpreting art. According to Michael Porter, everybody interprets things differently. The viewer alway knows much more than what the artist has intended. A good piece of art can cope all the various ways that people interpret it. Meanwhile, Hock- Auh Teh said that it is up to the viewers to use their imagination to see his art and use their heart to feel it.

Hock-Auh The
He paints with heart, never considered of viewer mind and very sincere

2. Write a short paragraph in response to the following: Select two artists from the video and discuss what kind of art they make and what inspires them.
My first chosen artist is Pio Abad. Pio Abad is inspired by political interest in the Philippines. He spends a lot time looking at things in museums and galleries. He also reads a lot about artists and studied their work. He feels that it is important to know where his ideas and context came from. My second chosen artist is Hock-Auh Teh. His inspiration