Art: Art and Human Body Essay

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T.O.K Commentary: The Arts
November, 24th 2013
Marta Azarpour

“God is really only another artist. He invented the Giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style. He just goes on trying other things” Pablo Picasso
The way that god or a greater power was able to construct a human body, so detailed which is still in discovery, can be considered artistic as art is an idea which when constructed is an inspiration. The example of the body shows the essence of art in the world, it is a talent which although some believe can be taught, when it is done, it should be created through reflexes rather than thoughts. Similar to the example of the human body, as Pablo Picasso states, god “has no real style” when he creates art, because no real artist does that. The talent comes from within, and although the human body is a beauty, it does not mean that art has to be perfection, which makes sense since it is a process which derives from an individual’s instincts because if it was, this world wouldn’t have people with physical disabilities. Art is beyond an activity, it is the ability of creating something which transmits a message to others and allows others to read into the artist’s thoughts that’s why artist go “on trying other things” such as dealing with the nature of the world or transmitting their illnesses to photographing a unique moment.
The previous example of handicapped people introduced in the first paragraph can be considered a form of art as those who suffer from physical disabilities are still able to conduct a normal life. It is indeed very artistic the thought of a person not being able to appreciate all the parts of the human body but use the ones they have to gain the ability of leading the same life as one which does not suffer from this condition. Not only is it artistic because a deficient is physically different from the usual human being, but it is also artistic as they are able to create new ideas which will allow them to lead a normal life and dealing with their disabilities. This is an inspiration to the community as it allows people to understand that the art of a disabled body is in the individual’s power to work with it. Therefore art is able to teach the essence of the human body and let others be taught of the mind’s power to create a way to deal with a disability, hence, create art or deal with it.
Imagination can also be considered a form of art which the human mind owns. This artistic aspect of the human mind allows anyone to create something. Yet the mind can still have defects which allows the same message to be stated in different ways. An example regarding the human mind can be the mental disorder Schizophrenia. One of the most influential artists up until today known as Van Gogh suffered from this disorder and his work reflected this issue which was transmitted in his paintings. Which makes perfect sense as an artist creates pieces of art which transmit a message in their mind. This also reinforces the fact that works are able to master perfection by portraying a distorted image of their thoughts. This is since the audience does not necessarily have to suffer from schizophrenia to understand the message, they simply need to be aware of the disability which altered the artist’s mind but still allowed him to manifest unique ideas to others.
Photography is a very powerful art, although some argue that it is not artistic because it is a captured moment which was not created by the photographer, it can still be considered an art as like Pablo Picasso stated, artists “go on trying other