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Deadline to Apply: April 26, 2013 “The Nazis occupied many countries in Europe. Discuss or illustrate how people in a least one country resisted Nazi actions to deport Jewish citizens to concentration camps”
1. Artwork should relate to the prompt.
2. Visual art may either be two dimensional or three-dimensional.
3. Your name should be on the back or underside of the entry only.
4. The HERC Submission Form and the Artist Statement must be included with the art entry.
5. Chalk, pencil and pastels must be treated with a fixative to prevent smudging.
6. Artwork must be sturdy enough to be transported and displayed. ACCEPTED TYPES OF VISUAL ARTS
The following Visual Arts will be accepted: Painting, sketches, drawings, prints, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, posters, art collage, prints, carvings, construction, other.
On a separate sheet include the following in the Artist Statement:--DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME a. Title of Entry
b. Materials and process used.
c.. Relationship of art to the prompt.
d. Bibliography: List three sources reflecting your research. Wikipedia is not accepted.

HOW TO SUBMIT ARTWORK 1. Review all guidelines. 2. Complete and sign the HERC Submission Form. 3.